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One Week Sailing Holiday

Celebration Charters sailing holidays are based on Corfu in the Greek Ionian. This sailing area is well known for the perfect sailing holiday and can provide you with calm waters but also the perfect breeze later in the afternoon for the keener sailor.

From the map below you will see that the sailing area stretches from Corfu, where your holiday will begin and end, visiting harbours on Corfu, the Greek mainland and the stunning islands of Paxos and Anti-Paxos which can only be reached by boat.

If you have visited these popular islands before then we could sail to the still smaller islands North of Corfu, Orthoni, Erikoussa & Mathraki, known as The Faraway Islands. Guests will also discover wherever we sail fabulous bays for swimming and unspoilt sandy beaches framed by olive groves.

You can’t beat the freedom of a Sailing Holiday- a Yacht gives you access to a host of hidden gems that would otherwise be unreachable. There will always be something magical about the Greek Isles.

The Ionian Sea and its islands offer some of the most scenic and idyllic sailing in the world. With near perfect weather and ideal wind conditions this makes the Ionian a privileged sailing area with crystal clear waters and picturesque harbours offering traditional Greek food and a friendly welcome.

Island of Corfu

Corfu is one of Greece’s top sailing destinations, with lots to offer our guests, impressive landscapes, traditional villages, Byzantine churches, museums, Venetian ruins and attractive bays all over the island, and an elegant capital city. Corfu Town, with its impressive 16th century Old and new Forts has a unique upmarket atmosphere with its designer shops, bars and restaurants.

From bustling resorts to the opposite extreme of tiny fishing villages with a collection of little houses, several dozen goats and nothing more than a taverna and a church, all essential to any Greek community. Their ambiance is unique, there’s nowhere in the world quite like it and the major plus point for holidaying here, it’s “Greek”
The Greeks are a strange combination of “so laid-back they’re almost horizontal” and yet conversely, they are full of life and energy, volatile, passionate, ready to laugh and dance the night away at the drop of a hat.

Paxos and Anti Paxos

One of the Top Ten great escapes in the world, which is only 14 kilometres south of Corfu and 20 kilometres to the east of Parga on the mainland of Greece. There are three main villages on Paxos – Gaios, Lakka and Loggos.

Paxos is the smallest of the Ionian Islands and famous for clear turquoise waters, it has no airport and can only be reached by boat, which is why it has been able to protect itself from the strain of modern tourism. You will find the pace is still unhurried, very relaxing with genuine friendly Greek hospitality at its best.

Lakka is a small fishing village set in a beautiful clear blue water bay at the top of Paxos Island, a favourite for our guests, with quaint shops, traditional tavernas mixed in with a cosmopolitan feel in some of its excellent restaurants.
Gaios is a bit larger but absolutely stunning. The sail into the town is spectacular. Again Gaios has a nice selection of shops, supermarkets and lots of great bars and restaurants, although there is nothing nicer than sitting on the quayside aboard your Yacht having some pre-dinner drinks.

We will also try to pop into the other small villages of Loggos and Mongonissi en-route.
Around on the west coast of Paxos, you will see a stunning rugged coastline with the largest caves in the Ionian, where you can have an amazing swim stop and explore the caves.

Anti Paxos is just a short distance off the southern point of Paxos. This is where you will find the famous Emerald Bay. When the sun is shining, which is most of the time, and the sea is flat, the colour of the sea is stunning. A very popular stop!

Two Week Sailing Holiday or longer

The South Ionian Islands - An Island Hoppers Dream

After you have visited some of the destinations on the One Week Sailing Holiday itinerary, you can expand your sailing area by travelling further south. Once through the Lefkas Canal you enter the South Ionian, this gives you an ‘Island hoppers’ dream but aboard your own yacht.

Travelling south from either Paxos or the Greek Mainland we will make our way down to Lefkas, going through the Lefkas Canal which is a unique experience in itself. We can then start island hopping…. Meganissi, Ithaka and across to Kefalonia.

There are too many spots to name individually, but we will recommend to you the places which we think you personally will love, everyone is different, some looking for busier towns, some looking for quaint fishing villages, there is certainly somewhere for everyone.

Kastos is a perfect example of this – a tiny island accessible only by boat – there aren’t even any ferries going there, so it is a truly peaceful and idyllic island. Another beautiful place is Spartochori where the village above the port is very traditional in old Greek style, it is one of the best kept villages we have been in the Ionian, the views are absolutely stunning, straight out to sea, looking at the iconic island of Scorpios.

There’s just something about sailing from island to island that is unique, encountering new shores every time. Each of the islands is so different, each has its own character and local “characters”, its own idiosyncrasies and ambiance. Throughout most of the islands there are ancient ruins, monasteries, castles and fortresses, some with the most incredible views of both sunset and sunrise!

Living life for the moment is a way of life on these little islands, what we call the “real” Greece, as opposed to “touristville” Greece.

Custom Charters

We would also be happy to discuss a “Custom’ Charter”.

We will provide you with the Yacht, Skipper and Crew/Hostess and then you decide on your choice of destination i.e. Albania, Montenegro, Italy, Spain etc and the length of time you wish to take.

If you require further information or a quotation, please go to our Contact Page, where you can either e-mail us direct or telephone us.

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